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Neurostimulation Therapy Specialist

Jairo De La Hoz, MD -  - Primary Care

JAX Family Care

Jairo De La Hoz, MD

Primary Care located in Jacksonville, FL

For those with ongoing nerve pain, balance issues, or cramping, neurostimulation is an excellent choice of noninvasive treatment. At JAX Family Care in Jacksonville, Florida, Jairo De La Hoz, MD, uses Sanexas neurostimulation therapy within treatment plans for arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, and other conditions causing pain and mobility issues. Uniquely, neurostimulation helps rebuild or repair damaged neural pathways. To book an appointment, call JAX Family Care or schedule online today.

Neurostimulation Therapy Q&A

What is neurostimulation therapy?

Neurostimulation therapy is a modern procedure for pain and other symptoms associated with nerve activity. JAX Family Care offers neurostimulation therapy using Sanexas®, an electric cell signalling treatment (EST) that uses a ultra-high digital frequency generator to produce electronic energy waves that stimulate your nerve cells. 

The signals from Sanexas can block or imitate nerve cell firings. Some nerve activity causes symptoms, while other symptoms come from a lack of nerve activity where there should be some. The signals from Sanexas can also help with nerve cell regeneration after damage from neuropathy and other causes. For this reason, Sanexas provides long-term results.

Sanexas neurostimulation therapy is comfortable and noninvasive. Beyond treating your symptoms, its benefits are extensive: Undergoing neurostimulation therapy can improve your sleep, mobility, and overall quality of life. 

Which symptoms can neurostimulation therapy treat?

Neurostimulation therapy treats a wide range of symptoms and underlying complications that cause nerve activity or a lack of it. Nerve damage or misfirings can affect almost any part of your body, and Dr. De La Hoz can personalize your treatment with Sanexas accordingly. The procedure can help control or treat:

  • Numbness
  • Prickling and tingling
  • Sharp electric pain
  • Burning pain
  • Muscle cramping and discomfort
  • Painful walking
  • Balance problems
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Arthritis joint pain

Various types of chronic pain can be extremely challenging to treat, even with medications. Sanexas neurostimulation therapy is nonpharmaceutical but can make a significant positive difference in your pain levels from day to day. 

Research shows that, beyond helping nerve fibers heal and function correctly, Sanexas treatments also improve communication between nerve cells. 

How often should I get neurostimulation therapy?

At JAX Family Care, Dr. De La Hoz creates an individualized care plan for you using Sanexas if he thinks you’ll benefit from the therapy. A typical plan with Sanexas involves two to three sessions per week that last for roughly 15-30 minutes each. Dr. De La Hoz tells you how long you’ll need to follow this protocol and checks in regularly with you to make sure you’re seeing results. 

Alongside neurostimulation therapy for chronic pain and other neurological symptoms, Dr. De La Hoz might recommend nutritional counseling, physical therapy or exercise, smoking cessation, and other treatments appropriate for your condition. 

If you’re interested in giving neurostimulation therapy a try for diabetic neuropathy, balance issues, or any other neurological symptoms, call JAX Family Care or book your consultation online today.