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Preventive Medicine Specialist

Jairo De La Hoz, MD -  - Primary Care

JAX Family Care

Jairo De La Hoz, MD

Primary Care located in Jacksonville, FL

Preventing illnesses in the first place gives you a better chance at a good health outcome than treating those same illnesses once they’ve taken hold. While not every health concern is preventable, Jairo De La Hoz, MD, helps you keep up on screening tests, immunizations, and preventive annual exams at JAX Family Care in Jacksonville, Florida. To improve your health with preventive medicine, call JAX Family Care or schedule a visit online today.

Preventive Medicine Q&A

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is a category of medical care that focuses on keeping you from getting sick rather than treating illness. When you come to JAX Family Care for preventive medicine, Dr. De La Hoz promotes healthy habits and helps you adopt them. He also provides specific services designed to reduce your risk for infections and chronic illnesses. 

By taking part in preventive medicine throughout your life, you can maximize your lifespan. Additionally, you’ll stay healthy and mobile for longer on average so you can live life with fewer health complications well into old age. 

During your preventive medicine visits at JAX Family Care, Dr. De La Hoz asks for updates about your lifestyle so he can make tailored recommendations for health-promoting improvements in your diet, exercise, and habits like smoking. 

What are some common types of preventive medicine?

You can access all the preventive services you need for optimal health and wellness at JAX Family Care. Dr. De La Hoz invites you in for:

Physical exams

Physical exams are general examinations that draw a picture of your overall health at a given time. With regular physical exams, you can track your health over time and identify health concerns early. You can also use the results of your physical exams as motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes.


Immunizations expose your immune system to inactive viruses or proteins from viruses so your immune system has a chance to prepare and protect you against the active versions in the future. There are currently vaccines available for many illnesses including chickenpox, polio, the yearly flu, and COVID-19.

Screening tests

You can get screening tests to detect illnesses before you have symptoms. By detecting such illnesses early, you can treat them at a time when they’re easiest to treat. Dr. De La Hoz tells you which screening tests you need based on your individual risk factors. 

How often should I visit for preventive medicine?

Most people should consider coming in for physical exams annually. This becomes more important as you age. Since everyone is different, you should talk to Dr. De La Hoz about your own health needs as an individual. He might recommend coming in for preventive visits more or less often than the average person. 

Dr. De La Hoz can also tell you more about your own health needs when it comes to screening tests. There are some screening tests you may need based on your age, gender, and family medical history, but there are others you can forgo if you’re not at risk of a particular disease. 

Preventive care gives you a sense of control and a better understanding of your health. Schedule your next preventive medicine visit over the phone or online at JAX Family Care today.