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Sanexas Treatment Specialist

Jairo De La Hoz, MD -  - Primary Care

JAX Family Care

Jairo De La Hoz, MD

Primary Care located in Jacksonville, FL

Sanexas® treatment stimulates the nerves and promotes their healing to improve symptoms like pain, numbness, weakness, and dysfunction throughout the body. At JAX Family Care in Jacksonville, Florida, Jairo De La Hoz, MD, uses Sanexas to improve circulation, nerve healing, and pain relief. To explore the benefits of Sanexas, call JAX Family Care or book a visit online today.

Sanexas Treatment Q&A

What is Sanexas treatment?

Sanexas treatment is a therapy that uses an electric cell signaling machine to target the nervous system and circulatory system. The treatment is similar to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), but the energy penetrates deeper into your tissues. 

Sanexas boasts many other advantages over other comparable treatments, including being:

  • Pain-free
  • Noninvasive
  • FDA-approved
  • Side effect-free
  • Drug-free

The Sanexas treatment acts like a nerve block, inhibiting painful nerve impulses in the targeted area. Unlike other treatments in its class, it stimulates the healing of your nerves and tissues over time. The benefits increase the more sessions you get. 

Who can benefit from Sanexas treatment?

When you come to JAX Family Care, Dr. De La Hoz first makes an evaluation to diagnose and assess your condition. He uses the versatile Sanexas treatment to manage numerous conditions. Within a comprehensive treatment plan, Dr. De La Hoz might prescribe Sanexas treatment for:

  • Neuropathy
  • Muscle spasms
  • Poor circulation
  • Chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • Acute and chronic pain conditions
  • Post-traumatic pain syndromes
  • Post-surgical pain conditions
  • Post-cancer neuropathy

The abilities of Sanexas are not limited to this list. It can treat a wide range of painful conditions and dysfunction, and Dr. De La Hoz can tell you exactly what you can expect from your results. The Sanexas treatment also improves organ and tissue function in targeted regions. 

How many Sanexas treatment sessions will I need?

Dr. De La Hoz determines the number of treatment sessions you need with Sanexas after evaluating you during your consultation. If you’re interested in Sanexas, you must be willing to undergo a series of multiple treatments in order to experience its benefits. This is because the results improve over time and with repeated stimulation. 

On average, most people start noticing the benefits after 6-15 treatment sessions. It may be more or less than that in your case or for certain symptoms within your condition. 

Outcomes with Sanexas are difficult to predict, but Dr. De La Hoz makes sure you get the most from the treatment by including it among other therapies in a comprehensive personalized care plan. 

To schedule a consultation for Sanexas treatment, call JAX Family Care or book online today.